Alfred’s legal career began when he was admitted to the High Court of Auckland in 2008. Over the years, he has amassed considerable expertise in various areas of law, including commercial, criminal, family, as well as large scale commercial litigation and dispute resolution.

Over the years Alfred has established himself as a prominent figure within the Chinese community, earning recognition for his skills and accomplishments. He takes a confident and communicative approach when working with his clients, fostering a strong rapport and gaining their trust in his abilities to represent them effectively.

One of Alfred’s strengths lies in his exceptional people skills, enabling him to connect with clients from diverse backgrounds and effectively understand their needs. He has had the privilege of representing clients at all levels, ranging from high-net-worth individuals to companies and charitable organizations.

Alfred’s scope of assistance extends beyond local clients in New Zealand; he has also successfully helped clients from overseas, navigating legal complexities and achieving favorable outcomes for their cases. With his wealth of experience and reputation as a respected legal practitioner, Alfred is well-equipped to handle a wide range of legal matters. With his can-do attitude and wealth of connection in different industries, Alfred is dedicated to securing the best possible results for his clients, no matter the complexity or nature of the cases.

With Alfred’s dedication to provide suburb legal services to the community, Alfred co-founded Croftfield Law in year 2016. Alfred and his team aim to differentiate the firm from traditional and conventional law firms. The firm’s vision is to provide a unique approach to provide legal services by breaking away from the old-school practices commonly found in the industry.